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We are proud designers of the most unique and exclusive pet apparel & Accessories for every season & every occasion.

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We personalize gifts, clothing, toys and accessories with your pet’s name, initial or any peculiarity that makes your dog so unique and special!

Measurements description


  1. Head circumference: it should be taken from just in front of the ears around and under the jaw
  2. Neck circumference: measurement is taken all the way around the neck, where your dog’s collar would naturally rest
  3. Chest girth: is taken all the way around the biggest part of the dog’s ribcage and just behind the front legs
  4. Waist girth: it goes around the dog just behind the last rib and in front of hind legs
  5. Leg circumference: is taken all the way around the front leg
  6. Back of the neck: it should be taken from just above the ears to the neck, (at collar level)
  7. Top line: is the length of your dog’s back, which goes from the neck to the base of the tail.
  8. Length (neck to paw): this measurement is taken vertically from neck to the front paw
  9. Front leg length: is taken from the elbow to front paw
  10. Chest length: it goes from one side to the other side of the chest (front position)
  11. Hind leg length: it should be taken from femur to the paw

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