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Little Lucy

This is Lucy, she’s an adorable girl!

Lucy enjoys her walks, specially on sunny days ?? She loves to eat her treats after walk , and her favorite hobbie is to chase birds in the yard!

Beautiful “Chance”

This is “Chance”, he’s a senior dog and he’s just the sweetest! Chance loves belly rubbings , play time and treats, he also enjoys his walks every morning ??

Tuk & Opal’s everyday adventures

Tuk & Opal are the sweetest couple, they are best buddies and love each other so much! They enjoy to play at doggie park and like car rides with their favorite Nannie Karen! ❤️??

Meet Cooper

Cooper is a sweet and very playful pooch, he would  play Fetch all day long!

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Got a new puppy?

Puppy care

Learn some quick tips that will help you and the new member of the family to ensure a human-dog bond and an enjoyable relationship.

Housetraining Puppies

Puppies do not have effective control over their elimination, when they have to go, they really have to go! Young puppies can not be blamed for doing what comes naturally. So let’s start from training ourselves as responsible pet owners.

The most important aspect of housetraining is to keep the pup under supervision. Puppies that are carefully watched by their owners won’t get into the habit of chewing shoes or other objects , eliminating inside the house or other type of undesirable behavior. If you bring a new puppy home, you should be prepared to spend as much time as possible with the pup while he learns and mature.

Do not use paper or litter box training unless that is what you want your dog to do all the time, even after he or she becomes an adult dog. Keep your pup confined in a safe room when you can’t supervise it during the training process, you can put some papers down so it’s easier to clean up accidents as soon as they are discovered. However , eliminating inside the house is still considered as a mistake so do not reward your puppy for doing that, either a puppy shouldn’t be punished specially if it has been left alone without any other choice.

When your puppy eliminates in the appropriate spot, do not forget to reward him or her with a treat or praise immediately after elimination as if it had just made an amazing discovery! Remember to carry your pup’s favorite treat and plastic bags. Always clean up after your pet, it is very important to keep parks and other public places clean so dogs will continue to be allowed in them, this also will avoid neighborhood disagreements and will contribute to keep a pet friendly community.

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